23 November 2013

Thanksgiving à la Parisienne

Celebrating Thanksgiving à la Parisienne   With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we imagine that many of the Library’s American members and guests are finalizing their plans […]
18 November 2013

Anthony Flint reflects on his visiting fellowship

Reflections of a Visiting Fellow   In a world where so much research can be done by Google, where the online connections are so vast and […]
25 October 2013

Susan Ossman: On writing about expatriates

    On Writing About Expatriates   My book Moving Matters began as a reflection on my own experience of living in France, Morocco, the USA […]
17 October 2013

What is la rentrée littéraire?

  What is la rentrée littéraire?      In France the first weeks of September are of course synonymous with la rentrée – the end of […]