The Library in the News

Fashion Week at the Library

On 21 January 2024, the Library hosted the Winnie New York Fall 2024 fashion show, inspired by American surrealist jazz poet Ted Joans.

Director Audrey Chapuis at the 2020 Miami Book Fair

C-SPAN, 18 November 2020

Janet Skeslien Charles on her Research for "The Paris Library" in LitHub

LitHub, 19 February 2021

The 2020 Book Award Ceremony Featured in France Today

France Today, 26 January 2021

Library Director Audrey Chapuis on FrancoFiles, the podcast of the Embassy of France in the U.S.

FrancoFiles Podcast, 26 January 2021

American Library in Paris 2020 Writer-in-Residence Amanda Gorman spoke at the presidential inauguration on 20 January 2021

20 January 2021

"Heureux comme un intellectuel américain à Paris"

M Le Magazine du Monde, 21 December 2020

Audrey Chapuis : l'American library comme refuge

France Culture, Radio France, 30 October 2020

19 Most Anticipated Books Coming This Fall 2019

France Today, 18 June 2019

A Sparkling Gala for the American Library in Paris

Vulture, 5 September 2019

The Timeless Appeal of an American (Library) in Paris

LitHub, 15 April 2019

American Library: Creating Community in the Center of Paris

Bonjour Paris, 21 March 2019

The Masterclass Report: Viet Thanh Nguyen

Claire Polders, 9 July 2018

The Ins and Outs of Local Market Produce in Paris

Bonjour Paris, 10 March 2017

Her Highness the Сoincidence: How World War I and Marlene Dietrich Helped Create One of the Largest Libraries in Europe

Bird in Flight, 10 March 2017

Jeffrey Goldberg à propos de Donald Trump

Le Monde Magazine, 24 Februrary 2017