25 March 2014

Reza Aslan on religion and society

Reza Aslan was interviewed by Library staff members Grant Rosenberg and Pauline Lemasson before his talk. What follows are excerpts of his remarks. What is your […]
17 March 2014
hand playing

The building blocks to handwriting success

What do you think are the most important steps to handwriting success? Many children, eager to begin writing and drawing, develop unusual grasping patterns because their […]
2 March 2014
repairing books

Repairing and unrepairing books

Repairing and unrepairing books Captain Louis H. Cohn, owner of The House of Books, a New York bookshop specializing in modern first editions, once loaned Ernest […]
1 March 2014

Guiding your young authors through the creative writing process – developing writers

Young authors all over the greater Paris area are writing furiously in preparation for the 2014 Young Authors’ Fiction Festival (YAFF), co-sponsored by Time Traveler Tours […]