The Teen Mezzanine: A Space for users ages 12–18

Welcome to the American Library in Paris!

Please familiarize yourselves with the following policy so that you may contribute to the vibrant, welcoming, and comfortable environment we strive to provide for all Library users.

The Library provides a space dedicated to teens, our Teen Mezzanine, located above the Children’s Library. The Library’s Teen Mezzanine is intended to centralize the information and resources for ages 12–18 while offering teens a safe, supportive, and positive space that is uniquely their own. Libraries provide an ideal environment for all teens to engage in connected learning activities—hands-on activities, workshops, and clubs—that enable teens to learn while exploring their passions and interests. We hope that by creating an inviting and supportive teen space, teen users will be encouraged to connect with other resources, such as print materials, digital resources, programs, and staff. It is our belief that this will foster an appreciation for the Library.

On the Teen Mezzanine, users will find print collections of young adult fiction, young adult nonfiction, young adult graphic novels, and more. All Library users are welcome to access the young adult collections, however use of the Teen Mezzanine for studying, group work, reading, and hanging out is restricted to teen Library users. The policy of dedicating space specifically designed for teen library users is an industry standard, encouraged by the American Library Association. For more information, see Teen Space Guidelines, published by YASLA, a division of the American Library Association.

Use of the Teen Mezzanine by children under the age of 12, and adults over the age of 18, is restricted to 15 minutes except for:

  • tutors working with teens
  • adults accompanied by a teen
  • Library staff

Quiet conversation is allowed and encouraged.

Phone calls are allowed, but should be kept quiet.

Neat snack food is permitted.

Reviewed January 2020