23 June 2012

My Own Midnight In Paris by Caroline Preston

Caroline Preston is the author of four novels and lives with her husband, the writer Christopher Tilghman, in Charlottesville, Virginia. They will be reading at The […]
21 June 2012

Recommended Reads from Library Teens

Now that school is coming to an end, you’ve finally time to pick up a fun read and head to the beach/park/airport. We’ve got a few […]
19 June 2012

In Case You Missed It

The Village Voice bookshop held a memorial on Saturday evening, anticipating thestore’s closure on July 31. In her address to the sea of writers, readers, and […]
18 June 2012

Dryansky on Decadence

Gerry Dryansky, the longtime Senior European person for Condé Traveler and author of six novels—three of which with his wife, Joanne– has been living and writing […]