17 September 2013

Robert Wilson: Exploring the history of photography

    Exploring the History of Photography        I was in college when I first saw a glass photographic negative. Boxes of them had […]
17 June 2013
Iowa writers workshop

Lan Samantha Chang: Thoughts on writing, reading and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop

  Lan Samantha Chang teaching a class at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop        What is your overall philosophy for teaching writing? What advice do […]
3 June 2013

Stephane Kirkland: The Legacy of the Second Empire in Paris Today

    The Legacy of the Second Empire in Paris Today        Those of us who live in Paris are reminded daily of the city’s […]
29 April 2013

Ann Saul: From The Cutting Room Floor

Pissarro’s Places covers many of the cities, villages, and rural areas where Camille Pissarro painted. But one chapter had to be cut –one with a unique […]