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22 February 2019
A Jury for the 2019 Book Award
11 March 2019

Treasures from Library archives on view

Books penned by former American Library in Paris staff members are currently exhibited in the Turner Commons, as part of a larger display commemorating International Women’s Day, celebrated this year on 8 March. We’re also honoring the six women who have led the Library through a selection of books, articles, and photographs from our archives. Women have made up a majority of our staff for decades, but perhaps not for the outlandishly sexist reasons outlined in a 1914 article reprinted in translation in Library Journal: “Women as Librarians — A French Viewpoint.” On display are photos of Library staff in the early decades (including images of staff organizing books for the Soldiers Service, working in the cataloging department, and taking tea together), a 1929 copy of Paris is a Woman’s Town, a 1914 article “Women as Librarians — A French Viewpoint” reprinted in translation in Library Journal, among other items.

Come check out the display in the Turner Commons.