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8 March 2010
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11 March 2010

‘Kitchen Chinese’: A role reversal

kcAs the programs manager for the American Library in Paris, I’m used to organizing author talks, not giving them. But when I published my first novel last month, I found myself on the other side of the fence.

My book tour in the States had lots of highs (seeing old friends and family) and lows (blizzards!). But as I visited bookstores, I couldn’t help but view each venue with a professional eye. I was impressed when Julia, the events organizer at Book Soup in Los Angeles, rescued my Powerpoint presentation by carrying my laptop through the audience, making sure each person saw every slide. I was honored and touched by the enthusiastic introduction given by Danielle at Laguna Beach Books. And I was really happy no one got mad at me at the Huntington Library in Pasadena when I showed up thirty minutes late — an event organizer’s pet peeve!

This week, I am thrilled to present my novel, Kitchen Chinese, on my home turf, at the American Library in Paris. I’ll be showing slides of my favorite Chinese regional cuisine and reading from the book. Since I’m both the speaker and the organizer (how meta!) I’m making sure that my notes are already printed, the Powerpoint is already saved on a flashdrive, and I plan on arriving very, very early — hours in advance. If you’re interested in learning more about Peking duck, Chinese cheese, or the experiences of an American in China who happens to be Chinese, I hope you’ll stop by the Library Wednesday, 10 March at 19h30. I would love to see you.

–Ann Mah

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