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6 June 2017
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Library Culture Picks: June 2017
19 June 2017

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 YAFF

And the 2017 YAFF winners are…

The 2017 Young Authors Fiction Festival culminated with a celebration event on Friday 2 June 2017 at the American Library in Paris. Over 300 people attended the celebration event, including the young author finalists, parents and teachers. Each finalist was awarded a certificate. YAFF celebration booklets were printed with the full stories of all the 1st to 5th place winners. Honorable Mention stories are also listed along with their authors. Each celebration booklet is available for 15 euros each.

This year we received 500 entries, our biggest intake ever, from more than 25 schools, homeschooling programs and writing classes located in and around Paris. The Library thanks the 60 judges who participated this year, as well as the wonderful YAFF 2017 committee, comprised of Library staff members and volunteers, who took care of all of the details along the way. The 2017 YAFF committee includes Brooke Burns, Heather Bryant, Lauriane Labourel, David Lawrence, Pauline Lemasson, Kirsty McCulloch Reid, and Jan Smith. Special thanks also goes to Tiyamike Phiri and Poeli Bojorquez for the design and layout of the celebration booklet and to director Charles Trueheart for his support and guidance.

The American Library in Paris is proud to be the organizer of the Young Authors Fiction Festival. The Fiction Festival aims to strengthen community among English-speakers in the Paris area through the art and craft of storytelling. The Festival is open to all students ages 5 to 18 in the greater Paris area who write in English.

We look forward to YAFF 2018, so until then…Happy Writing!


CP / 1st Grade
1st: A Nature Adventure with Ruby List by Aliyah Dunsmore
2nd: Tim and His Velociraptor by Adam Shema
3rd: The Magic Plum by Lily Accioly Menezes
4th: Sun and Star by Margot Leandri
5th: Bee and the Tiger by Yuki Kizu
Honorable Mention
The Scary Day by Asher Lambert

CE1 / 2nd Grade
1st: Little Octopus and the Christmas by Matias Kuosmanen 
2nd: The Boy Who Became the Guardian of Mont St. Michel by Eduard Toma
3rd: Dream World by Reese Rasmussen
4th: The Adventures of Cabbage by Ava Apkarian
5th: The Attack of the Bad Bread Slices by Aaron Dussaucy
Honorable Mention
The Stork by Mathis Coupinot

CE2 / 3rd Grade
1st: The King’s Delegate by Edward Bassey-Holmes 
2nd: The Adventure in North Korea by Maria Guilia Larchinese
3rd: Vampires and Vampettes by Chiara Guy Fabiani
4th: John the Weird by Emilien Kofoed
5th: How Henry and the Cheetah Travelled the World by Lucien Tétard

CM1 / 4th Grade
1st: The Path by Perle Hannoyer
2nd: The Case of the Sugar Theft in Cookieville by Charles Lucas
3rd: The Dragon, the Witch, and the Kids by Lily Thébaut
4th: How Heffley Solved His Pyramix by Thomas Ravel
5th: Finding Ariella by Freya Robson
Honorable Mention 
The Quest by Allegra Dorrestein Agam

CM2 / 5th Grade
1st: Ever Altering World by Joana Cabaca
2nd: The Girl That Didn’t Pop Her Balloon by Ysé Kofoed
3rd: The Grimm Fiasco by Lucinda Rogers 
4th: Never Say Never by Luisa Peyrusaubes 
5th: The Talking Cheeseburger by Aidan Brennan
Honorable Mention
Mr. Troll Goes to Disneyland by Arthur Le Moigne

6ème / 6th grade
1st: Breaking Free by Saachi Jain
2nd: Acirema by Miloš Bašic-Lyngaas  
3rd: The Birthday Wish by Parker Burgio 
4th: To Kill a Monster by Jillian Naylor
5th: Christmas Tree by Julie Schnoebelen
Honorable Mention
Feather Boy by Ava Monahan

5ème / 7th grade
1st: Johnny? by Aurélie Coop
2nd: Adrenaline by Sophie Brun
3rd: Young Reza’s Revolution by Antoine Haghdoust 
4th: Death Can Be Quite Charming by Alba Azzarello
5th: Those Three Words by Caterina Colzi
Honorable Mntion
Space Age by Nectaire Litviakov

4ème / 8th grade
1st: Not Just Another Brick in the Wall by Nirali Jain
2nd: The Flower Market by Juliette Mounier 
3rd: Red River by Ayanna Rhodes
4th: The Diamond Master by Elena Sofia Massacesi
5th: The Are Coming by Victoire Elkaim
Honorable Mention
Graves and Flowers by Madeleine Eyzat

3ème / 9th grade
1st: Pariah by Laure Depaty
2nd: The Last Day by Sarah Cros
3rd: Pink Sparkly Shoes by Stefan Morales 
4th: People Are Strange by David Hannoyer
5th: The Jump by Alexander Gliott
Honorable Mention
The Race of a Lifetime by Theodore McDougall

Seconde / 10th grade
1st: ELI: Choking on Daisies by Zoe Marsaly
2nd: Praise Letter for My Friends by Julia Brahy
3rd: Human Behavior by Veronika Lassi
4th: One Cannot Be a Wordless Wooer by Magali O’Brien
5th: The Moor by Sakia Giraud

Première et Terminale / 11th  and 12th grade
1st: Behind the Glass Wall by Olivine Silier
2nd: Allegro con Fuoco by Lucca Stagno
3rd: The Last Pill by Lenoy Christy
4th: The Potter by Sophie Lemmerman
5th: Sophisticated Lady by Ito Choho
Honorable Mention
Chez Nous by Emilie Shagrin

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