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4 June 2018
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2018 Young Authors Fiction Festival Celebration

2018 Young Authors Fiction Festival Celebration

The Celebration for the 2018 Young Authors Fiction Festival was held at the Library on Friday 15 June. This year the Library received over 450 submissions, from more than 20 schools, homeschooling programs, and English classes across the greater Paris area, from both Native and non-Native English writers ages 5-18.

Around 200 finalists, parents, teachers and YAFF supporters attended two separate events; one for the Kindergarten-5th grades, and one for 6th-12th grades, where the YAFF committee announced 1st-5th place for each grade. Each finalist was awarded a certificate and a personalized bookmark. The Library published two YAFF Celebration Booklets with the 1st-5th place stories for each grade, which have been added to the Library collection, with extra copies available for purchase.

The 2018 festival was organized by a small committee of Library staff and volunteers with the support of nearly 70 volunteer judges, made up of teachers, writers and volunteers from the Library community and beyond. The Library is grateful for their dedication and support.

For a photo gallery of the 2018 YAFF Celebration, check the Library Flickr album.

Here is the list of the 2018 YAFF finalists:

Kindergarten & 1st Grade / CP
1st Place: The Internet Box by Lea Gaznabbi
2nd Place: Scary Tooth by Soyoung Park
3rd Place: The Beautiful Seashell by Sophie Lou Chung
4th Place: Lily Finds a New Friend by Aanya Anuradha
5th Place: Goga, the Ninja and the Ninja Master by Gael Poos

2nd Grade / CE1
1st Place: Tom and the Black Knight by Noah Eatwell
2nd Place: Before and After Agatha by Coco Tanaka
3rd Place: The Extraordinary  Present by Bethany Bunn
4th Place: Never Give Up by Lila Accioly Menezes
5th Place: Dinosaur in a Petshop by Gregorio Petrobelli

3rd Grade / CE2
1st Place: The Five Friends by Emmanuelle Tétard
2nd Place: The Restless Squirrel and the Midsummer by Matias Kuosmanen
3rd Place: Once by Ava Apkarian
4th Place: The Case of the Missing Painting by Jonathan Gaznabbi
5th Place: The Legend of the Three Elves by Juliette Blanchard

4th Grade / CM1
1st Place: Never Fight Your Battle at 3.A.M. by Emilien Kofoed
2nd Place: The Day I Became a Witch by Eglantine Benoit-Levy
3rd Place: A week in the office of William Quinlan by Jean Bidault
4th Place: A New Beginning by Bianca de Moustier
5th Place: The Land of the Lost Children by Chiara Guy Fabiani

5th Grade / CM2
1st Place: Wyvern by William Dungan
2nd Place: The Diary of Flashback Frank by Max Lewis
3rd Place: Joseph’s Quest to see the Stars by Thomas Ravel
4th Place: Crabtagon: One of many adventures of Theseus by Jeanne Hussherr
5th Place: Gary’s Adventure by Gabriel Tadie

6th Grade / 6ème
1st Place: The Northern Cold by Ysé Kofoed
2nd Place: Lost and Found by Veronika Cameron
3rd Place: The monster under the bed by Julia Rogers
4th Place: The Stolen Painting by Theodore Paulin-Elgar
5th Place: Survival by Esmé Letard

7th Grade / 5ème
1st Place: Long Ago by Saachi Jain
2nd Place: Condemned to Silence by Julia Schnoebelen
3rd Place: Theft if worse than murder by Ellie Bendahan
4th Place: His name was David by Nina Coumel
5th Place: The Cow by Iris Daget

8th Grade / 4ème
1st Place: The Leaf by John Argeles
2nd Place: The Missing Posters by Chiara Delaunay
3rd Place: Hans and Ethel by Mateo Villazon
4th Place: The Great Gumba City by Louise Besnier
5th Place: Disclosure by Stan Mischler

9th Grade / 3ème
1st Place: Semi-Precious by Nirali Jain
2nd Place: Child of Darkness by Iris Tadie
3rd Place: Escape by Lena Birkholz
4th Place: Alone by Griffin Squire
5th Place: Source of Strength by Alexander Crete

10th Grade / Seconde
1st Place: The Red Musician by Anna Carson
2nd Place: The Fall by Poetica Wang
3rd Place: The Fridge by Rafaela Uzan
4th Place: Sacrifice by Julien Dupin
5th Place: Insight Luc Postec

11th Grade / Première
1st Place: Strong and Balanced by Madeleine Parnot
2nd Place: Parks by Julia Brahy
3rd Place: Château Margaux by Salma Farghaly
4th Place: The Raven and the Stag by Magali O’Brien
5th Place: Time by Oliver Prat-Stanford

12th Grade / Terminale
1st Place: The Narrator by Solomon Ermatinger
2nd Place: My Night in the Milton Manor by Thomas Peck
3rd Place: Sailing by Pierre Robertson
4th Place: The pain of the living by Nay Hochem
5th Place: What Happened? by Leyi Shen

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