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23 November 2011
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1 December 2011

We’re Thankful for Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving tree 2011Thanksgiving is here! This American holiday celebrated on the third Thursday of each November is a chance to remind ourselves about all of the great things we have to be thankful for (and of course, it means there’s a fantastic feast full of fall foods).

This past week, kids, teens and volunteers helped put up our Thanksgiving tree and decorated it with thankful leaves listing just a few of the things we’re happy about.

Some things kids at The American Library in Paris are thankful for: moms, dads, dogs, cats, fast planes, friends, toys, grandmas and grandpas, Paris, corn, pumas, school, Christmas, family, the library, turkey, games, roast beef, sharks, and being able to read…

Stop in and check out the Thanksgiving tree next time you stop in. You’re welcome to make your own thankful leaf if you like, and add it to our tree.

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