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21 November 2011
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The ABCs of Yoga for Kids

These great kid’s books (new in the Children’s Library) will help you introduce your child to yoga and movement.

The ABCs of Yoga, Written by Teresa Anne Power, illustrated by Kathleen Reitzabcs of yoga for kids pict

Reviewed by Children’s Department volunteer Carole Black

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids includes a rhyming introduction to yoga that creatively invites the child to experiment with body movement.  One to three positions are illustrated for each letter of the alphabet, each accompanied by a colorful drawing of the pose and the object it relates to.

You can find The ABCs of Yoga for Kids in in the Children’s Library with the Easiest Reader Picture Books under EP.

My Daddy is a Pretzel

Written by Baron Baptiste, illustrated by Sophie Fatus

MyDaddyIsAPretzel_HC_WWithin the yoga class concept, children are encouraged to talk about what their parents do each day.  Simple to follow, colorful drawings and rhyming verse illustrate yoga positions that link to each profession – the gardener leads to a description of the Vrksasana or Tree Pose, the Vet to the Dog Pose Adho Mukha-Svanasana, the Architect to the Triangle Pose Trikonasana…to name a few.

My Daddy is a Pretzel illustrates the direct relationship between everyday life and healthy living through yoga.  The author’s introduction along with the Tips for Young Yogis at the end of the book are well worth reading.

New @ the Library. You can find My Daddy is a Pretzel in the Children’s Library with the Easiest Reader Picture Books in EB.

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