Susan Sontag in Paris
14 March 2010
‘Reading is changing wildly’
17 March 2010

Through the backstage door

A note to our youth librarian, Helen Géhin, from Library member Brita Long:

“I want to thank you again for organizing Kathryn Lasky’s visit the other week. Orla and I both really enjoyed her talk.

“I finished Dancing Through Fire yesterday and loved it.  Inspired by Degas’ famous painting “L’Etoile,” Kathryn Lasky takes the reader to Paris in the 1870s, a period of great art, beautiful ballet…and the Franco-Prussian War. Told through the eyes of the precocious Sylvie, an aspiring prima ballerina, Dancing Through Fire opens the backstage door of the Paris Opera Ballet, allowing the reader to discover a world of dance set in a city in turmoil. Readers will enjoy Sylvie’s journey as she discovers the importance of dreaming your own dreams while maintaining compassion for others.”

Thanks for the comment.

What are you reading?

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