7 June 2010
Boring, and skewering
10 June 2010

Radio drama

radioBefore the TV mini-series, there was the radio play. Happily, despite the advent of flat-screens, DVDs, DVRs and other innovations we don’t really understand, this form of entertainment has endured, particularly in the U.K., where radio plays are popular and broadcast regularly.

On Friday, June 11, we’ll be tuning in to hear a new radio play, written by Hollywood screenwriter — and Library member — Diane Lake. Called The Casebook of Violet Strange: The Inseparables, the story was inspired by the work of Katherine Anne Green, one of the first mystery writers in Canada and the US in the late 1800s.

“It tells the story of Violet Strange, 18, who becomes a detective in post-WWI London to uncover the culprit in a string of thefts,” says Diane. “Three young society women, calling themselves The Inseparables, always seem to be nearby when things disappear–so Violet, being their age and able to infiltrate their crowd–is put on the case…despite the fact that she is…a woman!–such a thing being seen as a bit unseemly for the ‘fair sex’ in those days.”

The play will stream live, via the internet, between 10:00am & 11:00am EST.  I-Tunes or Realplayer are required listen–both can be downloaded from the link above.

We’re especially delighted to hear a performance of Diane’s work as she’ll be speaking here at the Library on 23 June about the art of writing for the silver screen. Perhaps she’ll throw in some behind-the-scenes tidbits about sound effects and radio actors as well!

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