November is National Novel Writing Month!
24 October 2011
Ancient Egypt: Insiders Alive
27 October 2011

Pirates & Princesses

Written by Jill Kargman & Sadie Kargman, Illustrated by Christine Davenier

Reviewed by Children’s Library Volunteer Kristen Crans


Have you ever had a best friend?  The kind of friend you had when you were an itty bitty baby, and you are still friends with even when you start going to school?  Well Fletch and Ivy are friends just like that, who have known each other and played with each other ever since they were in diapers.  They never had any trouble playing together or getting along, until they discovered that girls and boys and recess don’t mix.  Instead of playing together, Fletch and Ivy found themselves divided:  one became a Pirate, the other a Princess.  And of course, pirates and princesses don’t play together!

But after a harrowing battle between the Pirates and the Princesses on the recess playground, Fletch and Ivy remember what it means to be friends, and that it doesn’t matter if you are a boy, girl, pirate or princess, everyone can get along and play together, friend to friend.  For a fun tale with whimsical writing about two long-time friends, this is the right book for you.  And if you’ve ever wondered if it’s better to be a pirate or a princess, you may just learn a thing or two from Ivy and Fletch in Pirates & Princesses.

New @ the Library! Pirates & Princesses can be found in the Children’s Library in the Easiest Readers section, with the call number EK.