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25 October 2011
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28 October 2011

Ancient Egypt: Insiders Alive

Text by Robert Coupe, design and paper engineering by Andy Mansfield

Reviewed by Children’s Department volunteer Carole Black

Ancient Egypt is crammed with true to life pictures and graphic reconstructions that present interesting
facts in a fun and interactive way. As you turn each page, new topics are introduced and information
bites provide a factual account of life in Ancient Egypt. Pop-ups, booklets and lift-up flaps are combined
with riddles and brain teasers for each of the following topics:

Egyptian timeline and geography
Rulers, symbols and costumes
Culture and social hierarchy
Importance of the Afterlife; creating mummies
Pyramids: Construction and location
The Valley of the Kings: Location and layout; Tutankhamen’s tomb
Temples and towns of Ancient Egypt
Discoveries of Ancient Egypt, including the ancient scribes and the code of the Rosetta Stoneinsiders-alive--ancient-egypt-book_SWBMTg0MDExNzA1Mg==

Fascinating for anyone over 8….even as a refresher for grown-ups!

Ancient Egypt is new at the library and may be found under J932 C832a in Junior Non Fiction section of
the Children’s Department.

Other titles in the Australian IN SIDERS Alive! series include:  The Human Body, also by Robert Coupe
and Preditors by Anita Ganeri.

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