Maison de quartier des Vignes Blanches

Th April 6 2023

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Traditionally an agricultural center, the city of Sarcelles (95) underwent a major architectural transformation in the middle of the twentieth century to adapt to a growing population. This abrupt adjustment to high-density urban living, common across France at this time, was so acute in Sarcelles that the very real psychological problems that residents experienced became known as La Sarcellite, or “Sarcellitus.”
Today, Sarcelles is looking to the future by investing heavily in education, culture, development, and urban renewal.


18 h 30 – 20 h

French-American viewpoints on the 1963 and 1983 Marches against racism and discriminations with Naïma Yahi and Nita Wiggins (VM)

20 h – 20 h 30

Reading of texts from James Baldwin by Faïza Guène (VF)

20 h 30 – 21 h 30

Musical Buffet

Naïma Yahi

Naïma Huber Yahi is a writer, historian, and documentary filmmaker specializing in the cultural history of North-Africans in France. She is a researcher at the University of Côte d’Azur and Director of the Pangée Network, an organization that promotes intercultural dialogue and understanding.
Huber Yahi has co-edited anthologies such as La France arabo-orientale (La découverte, 2013) and Sexe, race et corps colonisés (CNRS, 2019). In 2011, she cowrote the musical Barbès Café and, in 2013, directed the documentary film “Les marcheurs, chronique des années beurs” (Public Sénat). She is also the curator of the exhibitions “Générations, un siècle d’histoire culturelle des Maghrébins en France” (2009) and “Douce France, des chansons de l’exil aux cultures urbaines” (2022).

Nita Wiggins

In her memoir Civil Rights Baby: My Story of Race, Sports, and Breaking Barriers in American Journalism, American writer and award-winning sports broadcaster Nita Wiggins reveals how behind-the-scenes HR and editorial decisions influence the news the public ultimately sees on television. Wiggins’s US television career spanned over twenty years and included time in Dallas, Texas; Seattle, Washington; and Memphis, Tennessee.
She has taught graduate-level journalism in Paris since 2009 and appears as a guest commentator on France 24 television to discuss the changing landscapes of politics, race, sports issues, and women’s opportunities.

Faïza Guène

Faïza Guène, born in 1985 in Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis, France) is a French novelist and screenwriter. Her first novel Kiff Kiff demain, published at the age of nineteen, was a global success. It sold over 400,000 copies in France and abroad and was translated into twenty-six languages.
Guène has since written five novels, exploring the identities of immigrants to France from the Maghreb. Her last book, La discrétion, was published in September 2020 by Plon.

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Maison de quartier des Vignes Blanches

9 Avenue Anna de Noailles

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