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9 April 2010
Scrabble Babel
13 April 2010

New to our shelves

The Library has 120,000 books in its collection — and counting. Here are some intriguing new acquisitions, selected by our Collections Librarian, Simon Gallo:

For the Soul of France: Culture Wars in the Age of Dreyfus by Frederick Brown — A portrait of fin-de-siècle France. “Brings to life The Third Republic’s immense eruption of scandal; artistic, scientific and technological innovation and creativity.” — Michael Korda

Solar by Ian McEwan — From the author of Atonement, On Chesil Beach, and Saturday, a new novel. Read a review from the Guardian.

Diaries, George Orwell — The novelist was a dedicated diarist. This volume presents eleven diaries, covering 1931-1949.

Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong by Terry Teachout — The Wall Street Journal arts columnist has drawn on a new cache of important sources to create this remarkable portrait of a jazz legend.

The Lure of China: Writers from Marco Polo to J.G. Ballard by Frances Wood — A look at the West’s 2,000-year-old fascination with China from Roman silk merchants, medieval travelers, Jesuit explorers, French poets, to the Bloomsbury group, and eyewitness accounts of war by Christopher Isherwood and J.G. Ballard.

Find these books on the new fiction and nonfiction shelves at the Library. 

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