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19 November 2010
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3 December 2010

Madoff et Moi

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Hugues Armand-Delille will be present his book Madoff et Moi on Wednesday, December 1 at 19h30. In his own words, Hugues explains what it was like for a young Frenchman to chase the American dream:

‘In the late months of 2007 and after having strived for month to find an internship to conclude my business studies in Paris, life, contacts and little bit of guts provided the exhilarating opportunity to go to New York and work in the mythical world of Finance. I would have turned that opportunity down for nothing in the world.

I entered my position as junior analyst in January 2008 at Access International Advisors a Platform of Hedge Funds founded by Thierry de la Villehuchet. The firm run by a bleu-blooded cast of Europeans offered investment opportunities for high society european client with whom were believed to be the best managers on the street including the formerly famous and now infamous Bernie Madoff.

This book displays my experience as a 23 year old entering the jungle of New York Finance in 2008. Over the year I worked at Access I was confronted with the myriad of problems and obstacles one faces in the big Apple but also as one make his first steps in the professional world. From apartment search to, practically starving, while maintaining a public face of success, and the discovery of the mysterious codes of New York dating left me quite short handed. While juggling between the humiliations of my direct supervisor Fabien and the unsettling fatherly scoldings. Thierry recognized in me a hunger for life, a knack for selling and perhaps a son that he never had.

This is the tale of a young man naively looking for his share of the American dream. Experience, wealth, fun, success, and perhaps a role model in life: those are some of the drives that make the world of a Junior Financial Analyst go round. My testimony depicts how I went from these illusions to the hard and harsh fact that I was working in a castle of cards, and how it all ended in the tragic suicide of my mentor Thierry De la Villehuchet on Christmas Eve 2008.’

Madoff et moi

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