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(Hybrid) Lunar Horizons: To the Moon with NASA Experts

Thu April 25 @ 19 h 30 - 20 h 30


In the presence of NASA experts, explore space exploration: Artemis III, lunar science, and bridging the scientific knowledge gap.

NASA’s upcoming crewed mission to the Moon, Artemis III, is currently scheduled for 2026, marking humanity’s first return to the lunar surface in over 50 years and the first-ever visit to the lunar South Pole. During this mission, two crew members will descend to the Moon’s surface, near its South Pole, for approximately a week. The astronauts’ objectives will include conducting scientific research and performing a series of moonwalks.

Scientists Ryan Zeigler, Lunar Sample Curator at NASA, and Christine Shupla, responsible for scientific engagement at the non-profit Lunar Planetary Institute, will share the latest and greatest advancements in lunar research. They will share ideas on science education and literacy, and how we can make learning about lunar science accessible to all.

This event is organized in partnership with Ephémerides, the organization founded by French astrophysicist Fatoumata Kébé.

About the speakers:

Christine Shupla manages the Lunar Planetary Institute Science Engagement staff, with 16 years of experience in NASA’s planetary science education community and 15 years of experience in informal science education. She also leads the Lunar Planetary Institute’s scientist engagement efforts, providing professional development and resources to assist planetary scientists in their efforts to share their science with public audiences.

Ryan Zeigler is NASA’s Lunar Sample Curator in the Astromaterials Acquisition and Curation Office of the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science Division at the Johnson Space Center. The principal focus of Ryan Zeigler’s research is the geochemistry and petrography of lunar samples to better understand how the Moon formed, how it differentiated and how impacts have subsequently altered its surface.

Learn more:

Ephémerides founder Fatoumata Kébé spoke at the American Library in Paris last year about her book Lettres à la Lune, which explores how humans across history, from astrophysicists to poets, have about the moon. Rewatch the conversation on the Library’s YouTube channel.

With Artemis III, humankind will return to the surface of the moon. Discover the mission and explore the scientific innovation behind it.

Important information: The discussion will be available both online and in person. While the conversation will happen in person (the speakers will appear in the Reading Room), the Library will stream the conversation on Zoom for a live viewing experience. Both in-person and online attendees will be able to pose questions.

Attendance at this event constitutes permission for your photograph or video to be taken at the event and used by the American Library in Paris for marketing, promotional, pedagogical, or other purposes.

Evenings with an Author are free and open to the public (with a 10€ suggested donation)
thanks to the generous support of Gregory Annenberg Weingarten of GRoW @ Annenberg.


Thu April 25
19 h 30 min - 20 h 30 min
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(Hybrid) Lunar Horizons: To the Moon with NASA Experts
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