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19 September 2011
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24 September 2011

Ten Miles Past Normal

Ten Miles Past NormalTen Miles Past Normal by Frances O’Roark Dowell.

“Just once this year, I want someone to look at me and think, ‘Hey, that Janie Gorman’s pretty interesting.’  Because I am, you know.  And not just because I talk to goats.”

For Janie Gorman, the typical challenges of high school are complicated by her life on a farm.  Showing up at school with straw in her hair or goat poop on her shoes don’t exactly endear her to her classmates.  All Janie wants is to be normal,  but normal is an elusive goal.Ten Miles Past Normal is a sweet tale of growing up.  The book sidesteps many of the cliches of high school fiction – the mean popular crowd, for instance – and instead focuses on Janie’s search to find her place in the world.  Filled with characters who are more than what they seem and a wonderful sense of humor, this is a delightful addition to the Library’s young adult collection.

New @ the Library! Ten Miles Past Normal can be found with the Young Adult fiction collection on the Teen Mezzanine in J DOW (YA)


— Reviewed by Children’s Library Volunteer Jennifer Dobson