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21 September 2011
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26 September 2011

Wilhe’mina Miles After the Stork Night, a review

Wilhe’mina Miles After the Stork Night by Dorothy Carter, illustrated by Harvey Stevenson

Reviewed by Children’s Library volunteer Carole Black

Wilhe'mina Miles After the Stork Night

Eight year old Wilhe’mina’s father has to work in New York and cannot make it home for the birth of her brother. Wilhe’mina has to face her fears when she is the only person who can get help with her mother’s delivery.

The story also touches on the need for one parent to work far away in order to send money home for the family; memories; letter writing; overcoming danger;  ‘the stork’ and getting to know a new sibling.

The vivid jewel-toned pastel drawings richly illustrate this loving family’s experiences and the story is easily suited to a group or individual reading….save time for discussion afterwards!

You can find Wilhe’mina Miles After the Stork Night in the Children’s Library with the Easiest Readers in EC.