The Library’s Teen Writing Group offers a space for aspiring writers ages 12–18 to meet in a relaxed and creative setting to share ideas, get feedback, and work on technique.



Founded in 2013 with the guidance of author and editor Anne Heltzel, the Teen Writing Group was created to provide a space for aspiring writers to share their work, and to get to know other writers in the community. The group is open to Library members ages 12–18 by application.

The Teen Writing Group runs from September through June, and members meet once a month at The American Library in Paris. Teen Writing Group meetings are facilitated by the Library’s Children’s and Teens’ Services Manager and meetings are led by teen group members or guest hosts. Authors who have been guest hosts for the Teen Writing Group in the past include: Jay Asher, Clementine Beauvais, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Veronica Kugler, Amy Plum, Hilary Reyl, Tioka Tokdira, and James Verini.

Experienced writers and amateurs are all welcome to apply for the Library’s Teen Writing Group. Applications for the 2021-2022 Teen Writing Group were open from 28 May through 31 July 2021 for Library members. Subscribe to e-Libris to receive news about upcoming events, application deadlines and more.

Questions about collections and programs for teens can be sent to the Library’s Children’s and Teens’ Services Manager, Celeste Rhoads:

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