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19 September 2017
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27 September 2017

Roald Dahl Day Fun!

On Sunday 17 September the Library celebrated Roald Dahl’s birthday (the author was born on September 13), with a themed workshop celebrating all things Dahl!  Assistant Children’s and Teens’ Librarian Kirsty hosted the event for 18 children aged 8-12 who created some very funny stories and new words that we hope will be added to the Roald Dahl dictionary – supericealious; something very cold but very very tasty and leopilly; sillly leaping around.

roald dahl books

Our participants were also given new names during the workshop that we hope they keep using! Even our staff members were renamed; Kirsty is now The Catasterous Hornswoggler, Assistant Librarian Bojan is now known as The Phizz-Whizzing Fleshlumpeater and Member Services Assistant Alexandra is now called The Frightsome Gizzardgulper.  

 Master Storyteller Roald Dahl wrote 20 novels and over 60 short stories as well as screenplays for TV and Film. His children’s novels are adventurous and hilarious while some of his adult works border on the creepy and chilling, but all his stories have stood the test of time and are still as popular as ever. Dahl, who served in the British Royal Air Force during World War II before becoming an author, is considered one of the greatest storytellers of all time. 

 You can learn more about Roald Dahl and his works on the website and check out his books below from the Library collection, just a few of the many!

 Charlieandthechocolatefactory   talesoftheunexpected  bfgmati    MoreAboutBoy 

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