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17 June 2019
And the 2019 YAFF winners are…
19 June 2019

The Library has the Summer “It Books”

The Library has the top 20 Summer “It Books” from the last 50 years as recently selected by The New York Times. According to the article, a summer “it book” is described as a book that is “written by someone you’ve never heard of before. It appears out of nowhere, often having been published quietly the previous winter or spring, and has spent months gathering steam — hand-sold at bookstores, passed from one friend to another, recommended by librarians. Then one day, all of a sudden, it’s the book you see wherever you look…But no matter the subject, ‘it’ books distill something essential about the country at a particular moment. Some of them capture an economic or political mood; others piggyback on a cultural trend or ride the wave of a big news story. Most of all, though, they have to be compulsive page-turners, the kind of books that go down like an ice-cold milkshake on a hot day.”

Read the full article here, and then come to the Library and check out the summer “it book” of your choice.

Summer “It Books”

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