Collège des Pyramides

October 13 2022

Event closed to the public


The Collège des Pyramides is a school as dynamic as its city. The collège team is strongly engaged in its students’ open-mindedness, whether through artistic projects or language learning.
Member of an Erasmus+ consortium, the middle school promotes the DNL certification of its teaching staff to allow teaching in English of non-linguistic subjects. The students also enjoy school trips abroad and can choose additional language courses as part of the LCE (European Cultures and Languages) option.
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Thursday October 13

Collège des Pyramides

10 h 30 – 12 h 30

Writing workshop on The Art of Creating literary characters (VA)

13 h 45 – 14 h 45

Critical conversation on climate change with Juan Pablo Arellano (VA)

Juan Pablo Arellano

Juan Pablo Arellano is a former content director at ClimateScience, where he specialized in creating easy-to-understand and reliable information on climate change solutions. His academic background is in economics and environmental sciences. He is currently pursuing a Master’s in Degrowth, trying to figure out how we can reduce the consumption of energy and resources while developing sustainably. He was born in Mexico City and now lives in Paris.
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