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2 October 2012
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28 October 2012

Meet Champ

Champ the hamster

Champ the hamsterA little over a month ago, a very curious young patron asked for all the books we have in the Children’s Library about hamsters. “I’m going to get a hamster for my birthday,” he said “and I need to know how to take care of one.”

He ended up taking home a book about caring for hamsters, as well as Olga da Polga, a story  about another small mammal – a guinea pig – that was written and illustrated by the creator of Paddington Bear.

A few weeks later, our hamster fan came back to the Children’s Library with his new friend Champ. Apparently, Champ’s favorite color is purple and if he crawls up your arm, that means he really likes you!

If you and your family are thinking about adopting a pet, come in to the Children’s Library and check out some of the resources we have available about all types of lovable pets. Maybe you’ll even run into Champ and his boy.

small mammalsLearning to Care for Small Mammals:
Beginning Pet Care with American Humane

by Felicia Lowenstein Niven

A book for children about how to choose and care for small mammals.

Find it: With the Juvenile Non-fiction under J 636.035 N644l

guinea pigsGuinea Pigs
(ASPCA Pet Care Guides for Kids)

by Mark Evans

Offers information for the first-time pet owner on the physical characteristics, selection, care, and feeding of guinea pigs.

Find it: With the Juvenile Non-fiction under J 599.323 Ev16g

talk to your dogHow to Talk to Your Dog

by Jean Craighead George

Describes how dogs communicate with people through their behavior and sounds and explains how to talk back to them.

Find it: With the Juvenile Non-fiction under J 636.7 G293h

caring for your cat101 Essential Tips: Caring for Your Cat

by Andrew Edney and David Taylor

Breaks down cat care into 101 easy-to-grasp tips.

Find it: with the Juvenile Non-fiction under J 636.8 Ed63c

all about frogsAll About Frogs

by Jim Arnosky

An introduction to frogs by naturalist Jim Arnosky. He explains how frogs live and grow, and answers some of kids’ biggest questions about these amphibians, such as: How do frogs jump so far? What do frogs eat (and what eats them)? What’s the best way to handle a frog?

Find it: With the Juvenile Non-Fiction under J 597. 89 Ar66a

For some great stories about pets to read aloud together, don’t forget to check out the classic animal stories by Judy Dunn with photos by Phoebe Dunn.

little rabbit

The Little Duck, The Little Rabbit, The Little Puppy and The Little Lamb can all be found with the Easiest Reader Picture books under ED.