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1 November 2012
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11 November 2012

Learn to read and write with our favorite new pup!

RocketRocket Learns to Read

by Tad Hills

Reviewed by Children’s Library volunteer, Carole Black

Rocket Writes a Story is Tad Hills’ second  story about Rocket, a loveable  puppy who learns about letters, sounding out words, sharing ideas and reading stories with his chirpy encouraging teacher, the little yellow bird.

Having coaxed Rocket from his favorite napping spot with a story, in the first book: Rocket Learns to Read, the little yellow bird now encourages Rocket to create a word tree with the new words he sniffs out each day. She adds a few connecting words to his collection and, before long the tree is full of little notes with illustrated words ready for Rocket’s next assignment: he is to use the words to write his own story.

Naturally Rocket looks to his strongest sense for inspiration. He becomes captivated by the wonderful smell of the nest high up in a tree and announces that he will write a story about it. A shy new friend lives in the nest and is eventually lured further and further down the branches to hear Rocket’s growing story.

The oil paint and colored crayon illustrations richly convey Rocket’s new found passion for story telling, his experiences of frustration as he searches for inspiration, and his growing friendship with his little yellow teacher and his new friend in the tree.

Rocket Writes a Story is a wonderful resource for encouraging young children to learn about words and create their own stories – alone or in a group with friends.

New @ the library. You can find both Rocket Writes a Story and Rocket Learns to Read in the Easiest Readers Section of the Children’s Library under EH.

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