Dryansky on Decadence
18 June 2012
Recommended Reads from Library Teens
21 June 2012

In Case You Missed It

The Village Voice bookshop held a memorial on Saturday evening, anticipating the4_village_voicestore’s closure on July 31. In her address to the sea of writers, readers, and supporters who came to pay the shop tribute, proprieter Odile Hellier named the tone of the evening, declaring it a “celebration of books and friendship” rather than a sad goodbye. She proceeded to thank the scores of friends who have partnered with the shop, beginning with the Library, and noted the forces that have driven the Village Voice through the years. Its patrons, she explained, have embraced the search to expand their minds and imaginations and to find affinities with others, and since this search never ends, the spirit of the Village Voice will remain long after its doors close. No one could fill the hole left by this institution, but the Library will continue to celebrate the intellectual spirit and the literary community. We hope you’ll join us in a virtual toast to Odile, the Voice, and the joy of reading. Cheers!

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