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3 December 2011
Philosophy in thin slices
13 December 2011

For Cat Lovers, Big and Small

Cats, Cats, Cats! written by Lesléa Newman illustrated by Erika Oller

Cats_Cats_CatsReviewed by Children’s Library volunteer: Christel Prestidge

This is a charming, loving, warming and fuzzy tale of the relationship between  Mrs. Brown and her 60 adorable cats. Mrs. Brown  loves each of her cats. She pets, feeds, combs each one and even manicures their nails for them! But as soon as she goes off to bed the cats turn the house up side down! But no matter what mischief her cats get into Mrs. Brown will always love  her cats.

You can find Cats, Cats, Cats! with the easiest reader books, in the Children Library under EN

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