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15 October 2019
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18 October 2019

European Travel Spotlight – Croatia

Would you like to learn something about the history of Croatia? Or you need a recommendation of a Croatian writer? The best place to find answers to these questions will be in the Members Lounge where you can find our book display: “European Travel Spotlight – Croatia”. Our members who are interested in traveling to Croatia can find A Traveller’s History of Croatia by Benjamin Curtis, and Lonely Planet and DK Eyewitness travel guides to Croatia. History lovers can find the books about the recent history of Croatia: Croatia: A Nation Forged in War by Marcus Tanner and Serbs and Croats: The Struggle in Yugoslavia by Alex N. Dragnich.

There are also selected novels: The Walnut Mansion by the famous author Miljenko Jergović and Adios, Cowboy by beloved writer Olja Savičević Ivančević. These novels will give you a taste of Croatian fiction writing and maybe inspire you to dig deeper into Croatian literature.

If you need a personal recommendation, our Croatian librarian Bojan Kupirovic would like to propose you couple of his favorite cities in Croatia:
Pula – historical city in Istria with beautiful Roman colosseum and wonderful, open minded people. Add to this delicious food, tasty wine and rich nightlife with lots of alternative subcultures, and you have a guaranteed fun!
Varaždin – old city in the north of Croatia, known for its baroque buildings, music, traditional continental food and, of course, tasty wine!
Rijeka – the biggest port in Croatia, a city rich with culture (selected as the European Capital of Culture for 2020) and famous for having a lot of good rock bands.

Happy reading!