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31 October 2011
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7 November 2011

Did a Dinosaur Drink this Water?

Did a Dinosaur Drink this Water? by Robert E. Wells

Reviewed by Children’s Library volunteer Elizabeth Harkins

dinoIn this colorfully illustrated tale, we are invited to join two friends as they travel across time and space learning about the water cycle.  They start off pouring a cup of water into a stream and end up following that same cup of water  to the ocean where they learn the difference between fresh and salt water. From there, they follow their cup of water as it evaporates into the sky and transforms into a rain cloud. Eventually they travel all the way to the north pole in order to see where water can end up frozen for thousands of years as a glacier.  While reading this book kids are invited to ask questions about what happens to water in it’s many forms; liquid, gas and solid. They learn how water has been recycled through the ages, and are asked to imagine themselves sharing the same water as the dinosaurs! Overall it is a great read, for curious kids who want to have a better understanding of their world.

New @ the Library! Did A Dinosaur Drink This Water can be found with the Juvenile non-fiction in the Children’s Library under J 551.48 W462d.