American Library in Paris Book Group

Contemporary French Fiction

Sundays, 14h00–15h30 (Full)

We read contemporary French fiction as yet untranslated into English. Once each term we also pick a 20th Century French classic to read. Together our group chooses books from the new French novels which come out in September each year. We decide the titles by a vote each quarter.

We also invite some of the authors when possible, and we regularly organize theatre outings to see new French plays.

Led by Helen Stanton.

Reading List

  • Humus by Gaspard Koenig
  • Un Soir d’été by Philippe Besson
  • La Reunification des deux Corées (play) by Joel Pommerat and La Danseuse by Patrick Modiano
  • Sarah, Susanne et l’écrivain by Éric Reinhardt

Meeting Dates

  • 25 February
  • 17 March
  • 21 April
  • 19 May
  • 23 June