American Library in Paris Book Group

Prize-Winning American and British Plays

Saturdays, 10h30–12h00 (Spaces Open)

Reading plays and talking about them afterwards is a worthwhile way to learn about characters and their dilemmas, the human condition in general, and problems in a particular society or culture. Using our imagination, we can picture what is happening on stage and appreciate a story that is well-told through dialogue.

In this group, we will read and discuss award-winning American or British plays, most of which are available online as PDF’s and/or which the instructor will send out. If time permits during the session, we will also read out-loud some memorable scenes.

Our preference is to meet in person at the Library, but we can accommodate several people if they wish to join our in-person meetings on Zoom. Please let us know ahead of time if this is your option.

Led by Hilary Kaiser.

Reading List

  • “Frank’s Home” by Richard Nelson
  • “The Heidi Chronicles” by Wendy Wasserstein
  • “Arcadia” by Tom Stoppard
  • “The Flick” by Annie Baker
  •  “Breaking the Code” by Hugh Whitemore
  • “Three Days of Rain” by Richard Greenburg

Meeting Dates

  • 6 January 2024
  • 10 February
  • 9 March
  • 20 April
  • 4 May
  • 15 Jun