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9 November 2011
David Downie on the City of Light
14 November 2011

The First Ever Haunted Library: A Grand Success

haunted House Volunteers

This year we had over 200 people attend our annual Halloween party and another 100 people took tours through our haunted maze. We couldn’t have organized these events without the help of our wonderful volunteers, so thank you! Pictured above is the Haunted Library team, including:

Jennifer Dobson
Salome Mirigay
Alex Boccon-Gibob
Cecily Spiers
Marcia Lebre
Chase Davis
Sophie Wilson
Angela Hin
Emma Chapman
Yaroslava Bhandari
Ingrid Nickelsen
Victoria Robert
Reda Faid
Mika Kaski
Zoe Pons
Carole Black
Liyan Xu
Morgan Shafer
Marina Vernick

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