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11 November 2012
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18 November 2012

For aspiring young artists…

p&b graphicHow to Draw Princesses and Ballerinas and How to Draw Fairies and Mermaids

Published by Usborne

Reviewed by Children’s Library volunteer Carole Black

Usborne has published two instructive books entitled How to Draw Princesses and Ballerinas and How to Draw Fairies and Mermaids, that provide a clear, step by step guide to varying styles of illustrating for the creative and not-so-creative young artist.

Simple drawing and erasing techniques using lines and basic shapes are embellished with the following effects:

-Basic collage techniques to create depth

-The use of soft colors with dark shading to create contrast

-Color mixing to create skin tones

-Chalk smudge and watercolor techniques to emphasize softness and subtlety

-Embellishment and 3D effects with doilies and foil collage paper

The designers suggest a selection of the following basic materials to create your whimsical princesses, ballerinas, fairies and mermaids:  paper, pencils, colored pencils and fine markers, chalk, crayons, paints, paint brushes, collage paper, foil paper, doilies, cutting scissors, glue and glitter glue.

The books provide useful information on how to draw interchangeable scenes and settings including:  a castle, a carriage, a stage, a lake scene, moonlight scene, a fairy flower garden, mermaid door signs and ballerina/fairy paper chains.   You can also see how to add facial expressions and hairstyles in the Fairies and Mermaids book, and hairstyles, crowns and tiaras in the Princess and Ballerina book.

A real treat for budding young artists!

New @ the LibraryHow to Draw Princesses and Ballerinas can be found in Juvenile Non-fiction under J 751 W34p and How to Draw Fairies and Mermaids can be found under J 751 W34f.

For more resources on drawing and cartooning, check out some of the other great titles in the Children’s Library:

cartooningCartooning for Kids

by Mike Artell

A step-by-step guide for drawing animals and people, such as alligators, bears, skunks, smiling faces, angry faces, hairstyles, movement, and captions.

Find it with the Juvenile non-fiction under J 741.5 Ar75c

Drawing mangaDrawing Manga Animals, Chibis, and Other Adorable Creatures

by J.C. Amberlyn

Starting with the basics, this book teaches aspiring artists how to create the mascots that populate mangas.

Find it with the Juvenile non-fiction under J 741.5 Am16d

funny cartoonsFunny Cartooning for Kids

by Mike Artell

Learn how to draw simple characters, then exaggerate, simplify or contort them to crack your friends up.

Find it with the Juvenile non-fiction under J 741.5 Ar75f

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