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11 October 2010
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18 October 2010

Captain Underpants and Cats in Hats

When discussing our favorite kids’ books, here at the American Library in Paris, there is always a variety of opinions. Dr. Seuss’ classic The Cat in the Hat remains a hit, along with Dav Pilkey’s series featuring the oddly costumed superhero Captain Underpants. When asked to make collages based on their favorite books, the kids pulled out all the stops.


Jameson is a fan of Captain Underpants and his antics. For those of you who don’t know the book cover, this a great representation.


(Captain Underpants can be found under J PIL at the American Library in Paris).

Lucile’s favorite is The Cat in Hat, by Dr. Seuss. Here’s her colorful collage based on the book, complete with fishy friend and a table full of snacks:


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