2 April 2010

Printing less is more

It’s never a bad idea to save paper, and a better idea to get more out of your printer. PC World has come up with ten […]
1 April 2010

April fuel

Do you remember the surprising news from the fast food world about the introduction of the left-handed Whopper? Or the Italian spaghetti harvest? Portable zip codes […]
30 March 2010

The Bancroft pantheon

Virtually every great American historian of the postwar era has received the Bancroft Prize. The 2010 Bancroft Prizes have just been announced, and the winners are: […]
29 March 2010

The Loneliness of the long distance researcher

Today’s guest blogger, biographer Veronica Buckley, will be at the Library on Wednesday, March 31 at 19h30 to speak about her new book The Secret Wife […]