19 April 2010

Living out of a suitcase: Sargent’s expatriate experience

Peter Gibian of McGill University will present his talk “John Singer Sargent’s Traveling Culture: Portraits of Expatriate Experience” at the Library on Wednesday, April 21 at […]
15 April 2010

Pulitzer surprise

A tiny press, an unknown author,  a compelling story carried to publication by word of mouth, and without a Facebook page! That’s how Paul Harding’s novel “Tinkers” […]
15 April 2010

By any other name would smell as tweet

‘Romeo and Juliet’ has been reinvented as opera, ballet, musical,and ice show. What next? “Such Tweet Sorrow,” a  4,000-tweet drama staged in real time (five weeks!), created by a […]
13 April 2010

‘First Amendment game-changer’

What is broadly considered a major defeat for campaign finance reform may be a victory for free speech, in the contrarian analysis of the First Amendment […]