6 June 2017

Susan Suleiman on The Némirovsky Question

An Interview with Susan Suleiman Author Susan Suleiman will speak about her new book The Némirovsky Question at the Library on Wednesday 7 June at 19h30.  When did […]
2 June 2017

Chris Dickon on his interest in Alan Seeger

An Interview with Chris Dickon Author Chris Dickon will speak about his new biography A Rendezvous With Death: Alan Seeger in Poetry, at War at a […]
26 May 2017

Romance writer Cara Connelly on her writing inspirations

An Interview with Cara Connelly What’s your favorite writing trick to get the ideas flowing? I used to panic when I reached a point in a […]
22 May 2017

James Kirchick on reading and writing

An Interview with James Kirchick Journalist James Kirchick wil be speaking at the Library on Tuesday 30 May about his book The End of Europe: Dictators, […]