For Tourists & Visitors

Tourists and Visitors

The Library welcomes people who want to use the Library's reading rooms and access the Internet, as well as those who are interested in using the collection and services. To access the Library for a very short period, you can purchase either a Day or Week Pass. If you're in town a bit longer, consider a short-term individual or family membership (4-month and 6-month options available).

What the Library Offers

Collection Overview

Our collection of more than 120,000 books features the best of classic and contemporary fiction, English translations of the world's finest literature, and a non-fiction collection covering a wide variety of subjects, including travel guides. In addition, the Library has significant holdings by American and other English-language authors in American history, literary criticism, and poetry. New books are added regularly. Our collection is organized in different sections: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biographies, Travel Guides, Mysteries, and more.

The Library's collection of CDs includes jazz, pop, classical works, and audiobooks. American and international films, as well as documentaries and popular TV series, are available on DVD. Also available are Language learning resources on DVD and CD.

Find out more, explore the collection.

Evening Programs and Events

The Library offers a wide range of programs and events during the evening and on some weekends including readings by authors, presentations by experts, discussions about art, and more.

Visit the Events and Programs page for a sneak peak of what's coming up.

Internet Access

Internet access at the Library is free of charge for all members as well as for Day and Week Pass users. Wireless Internet access is available throughout the Library; just ask for the password at the Circulation Desk. You may also use one of the library’s six workstations.

All users are expected to use the Library's Internet access in a legal and responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which it is provided.

For more details, see our Internet Access Policy and usage guidelines.

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