For Groups & Associations

Groups and Associations

The American Library in Paris is a place where people can come together to participate in a wide variety of program opportunities.

Partnerships with The American Library in Paris can take on many forms, including developing joint evening events and determining how our Library might help support your activities.

What the Library Offers...

In Coorperation With ...

By joining with other non-profit organizations in and around Paris, the Library is able to present innovative programs for our members and the wider community, serving as a forum of discussion and exchange.

Behind the Scenes Library Tour

Learn more about the history of The American Library in Paris and get the scoop on what really goes on in the library before the doors are unlocked. There is more to the library than meets the eye!

Contact Pauline Lemasson to organize your tour of the Library, discuss a program idea or other ways our organizations might partner.

Community Notices

We provide space inside the Library on two notice board areas for announcements of community events, services, educational opportunities, jobs, and more. These areas are accessible by members and users of the Library. Additionally, a pamphlet rack is located just inside the main door for distribution of free materials, which may be of interest to Library patrons.

Find out how to use the Community Notice Board

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