For Teachers & Homeschoolers

Teachers and Homeschoolers

The American Library in Paris has many services and resources to assist teachers and homeschoolers. Materials to plan curricula and classroom activities are available, with an emphasis on materials for teachers of English as a second language.

Membership to the Library offers access to the collection and the ability to check out books and other materials. Visit our membership page for details and information on how to join the Library.

Read about our institutional memberships which, through an agreement with your school, could provide discounted memberships for both students and faculty members.

What the Library Offers...

Research and Reference Materials

Bibliographic indexes, digital databases, as well as journals and magazines (some of which date back to the 19th century) are available both for lesson plan development and as a resource for your students. Explore the collection!

CAPES/Agrégation d'Anglais Resources

The Library's collection includes books, DVDs, articles, bibliographies, criticism and other information about topics pertaining to the English-speaking world that help French students throughout the country to prepare for English-language teacher certification exam. Research articles, including literary criticism, historical surveys, articles of general interest, and topical news stories are accessible via the digital content databases and our periodicals collection.

These resources are invaluable to not only the students in the program, but for teachers developing their course plans as well.

Visit the Agrégation d'Anglais page for the current year's program materials.

Library Visits for Students

Tours can be arranged for all age groups, ranging from Preschool (maternelle) through Middle School (collège) with our Children's and Young Adults’ Services Manager, as well as High School (lycée), and College (université) students with our Reference Librarian. These visits can be tailored to your needs, with topics ranging from a short discussion about library etiquette and book care and thematic treasure hunt for younger children to research methodology including bibliographic instruction.

Familiarize your students with our library!

Homeschool Connection

The Library is a fundamental resource for homeschoolers and their families. Make use of the Children's department's extensive non-fiction, including new and classic titles in history, geography, and science. Award winners and notable titles in our fiction section, as well as weekly children's programs for many age groups, provide the groundwork for literacy and cultural studies work.

Come learn what the Library has to offer to homeschooling families at our annual Open House event. Parents/Caregivers will receive a tour of the Library and hear about Library programs and services for homeschoolers while students engage in a fun activity.

Contact the Children’s and Young Adults’ Services Manager for more information.


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