2022-23 American Library in Paris Book Group

Tackling Proust

Tuesdays, 17h00–18h30 (Spaces Open)

Is any great author more talked about but less read than Marcel Proust?  His masterpiece, In Search of Lost Time, is considered by many to be the greatest French novel of the 20th century, by others as the greatest French novel of all time, and by still others as the greatest novel ever written in any language.  Yet its reputation for difficulty stops many from giving it a serious try.  In this group we will read Volume I, Swann’s Way, with all deliberate speed, learning to navigate Proust’s long sentences, appreciate his cascading metaphors, savor his delicious humor and be awed by an intellect capable of embracing personal psychology, society, history, the arts and the natural world with equal brilliance.  The leader has previously led two ALP book groups through complete readings of the novel, founded the Proust Society of Paris and contributed to a learned Proustian journal.  Members may read in English translation or in the original French.  Discussion will be in English.

Led by Morgan Evan Thomas.

Reading List

  • In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust

Meeting Dates

  • 10 January
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